Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick iPad Sketch

Did this last night to wind down a bit. I thought I would spend a relaxing day in the house with my kids yesterday, which actually, as usual, turned out to be a bad idea. I always have this perfect vision in my head of folding my Downey-soft basket of laundry, the curtains swaying gently in the breeze while my children play quietly on the floor. Well, that never happens. Instead, the laundry never gets done and my kids are trying to do flips off the coffee table. The day ends up being way more stressful than a trip to Disneyland on it's most crowded day in the middle of summer. So after the little ones fell asleep, I treated myself to some trash tv and sketched away!

1 comment:

The Toymaker said...

Kids and quiet rarely go hand and hand... but they get big so quick. Then you're driving them here and there and the house seems lonely. (ANd you get all kinds of stuff done, muhahaha!)

Great fox. You do the best expressions.